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Food- How does it impact the skin?

Believe it or not, the foods we eat can directly impact the appearance and health of our skin. It is important to note that in order to achieve optimal skin health and glow, you need to be conscious of the foods you ingest each day! If you've spent a large amount of time and money on skin treatments and products, and still haven't seen an improvement to your skin, being food conscious may just be the missing piece to your skin puzzle.

 Bestow Beauty

Let's focus on two groups of food and how they impact your skin,

- Heating foods

- Congesting foods

Heating Foods

This one is quite straightforward, certain foods can heat up our skin! When our skin is heated, it can become red and sensitive, who wants that? These kinds of food are especially important to avoid if you suffer with rosacea or other inflammatory conditions. 

Heating foods include:

Heating Foods Skin-Friendly Alternatives
Coffee Chai tea, Herbal Teas (Bestow Teas are PERFECT!), Matcha, Tumeric Lattes.
Alcohol Soda water, Kombucha, Lemon Lime and Bitters.


Dates, Carob. (PRO TIP- Check out the Bestow Treats Journal for some sweet treats that are skin friendly.)

Peanuts and cashews

Raw, unsalted nuts like almonds and brazil nuts.

Spicy foods, chillis

Ginger, cloves, nutmeg, cumin, mustard seeds, cardamom.

Oranges and strawberries

Any other delicious fruits!

Congesting Foods

In order to have beautifully healthy and optimally functioning skin, it is important for sebum (oil) to flow smoothly and healthily. When sebum is functioning properly, it protects our skin and keeps it strong, smooth and supple. Congesting foods actually prevent this harmonious skin environment. These foods cause sebum to thicken, which blocks pores and leads to breakouts. For those of you experiencing breakouts that treatments and products don't seem to fix, what you're eating could be the leading cause!

Congesting foods include:

Congesting Foods  Skin-Friendly Alternatives
Full fat dairy products (Excluding yogurt) Nut milks, coconut yogurt, nutritional yeast (cheese alternative).
Chocolate Dates, figs, carob. (Again, check out the Treats Journal by Bestow!
Mayonnaise Organic dressings such as Beauty Plus Oil, hommus, pesto.
Fat from meat Lean meat, grilled meat, baked meat.
Coconut Oil Olive and avocado oils.
Peanuts and cashews Almonds and brazil nuts.
Fried foods Oven baked chips, grilled and steamed foods, salads, stir fries.
Protein powders High protein foods such as egg whites, pumpkin, walnuts, canned tuna, beans.

Try removing some of these foods from your diet and you will experience wonderful changes and improvements to the quality of your skin?

Want to step it up and incorporate a range of amazing, organic, results driven inner health products? Try Bestow! We are truly passionate about this range and believe that everyone who cares for their skin should be working from the inside out. 



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