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Iso Skin & How to Get Back on Track

Before we all went into isolation, were you kicking your skin goals and on your way to achieving those goals for 2020? Did you tell yourself that this will be the year you start to look after your skin by investing in treatments and good quality skin care?

You’re not alone! Myself and so many of my clients are in the same position. It is completely normal to feel like you’ve taken a step back in your skin journey. You may have noticed a change in your skin in the last few months with the added stress, this is also very common and can be improved with the right plan in place.

I’m here for you! You still can definitely still reach your skin goals this year. We are now open and we are so excited to work on a plan of attack to kick your skin goals into place! Here are my tips for getting back on track and feeling happy in your skin again:

Skin Consultations

The best way to start is to visit the clinic for a skin consultation. Here we will take photos in our Observ Skin Analysis devices where we will be able to see what is happening under the surface of your skin. We will chat about any skin concerns you may have, what is worrying you about your iso skin and where you are at in your overall skin journey. From here we will work with you to formulate a plan of attack for the rest of the year. We will also recommend what Cosmeceutical Products are best for you and your skin right now, as this may have changed since we saw you last time. 

Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate 

Keeping hydrated as you step back into a new world of normal is going to be so important for you and your skin. When our skin is dehydrated it tends to look dull and lifeless, and you may notice that fine lines and wrinkles appear deeper.

You can hydrate your skin by drinking 2-3L of water a day (even though only 13% goes towards your skin, it is still important). By using powerful actives found in Cosmeceutical Skincare, you can significantly improve the skin’s hydration. One of my favourite products for hydration is the Image Skincare Total Hyaluronic Filler. This beauty contains 6 different forms of hyaluronic acid, varying in lower and higher molecular weights, which means these different molecules are able to work on all the different layers of your skin.

As well as externally hydrating the skin with topical skincare products, it is also essential to hydrate from within. This way, your cells can communicate and function how they need to in order to produce new and good quality skin cells. A great way to nourish from within is to incorporate Essential Fatty Acids into your diet. Bestow Beauty Plus oil is an easy no brainer way to do this everyday. Just one tablespoon a day added into your smoothie or yogurt will keep your skin glowing and hydrated.  

Skin Treatments

Here at Face MEDISKIN, we offer an extensive range of high performing skin treatments ranging from Express Facials to Peels to Skin Needling. After you have had a consultation with myself or Gemma, we will curate a personalised treatment plan for YOU! With this plan in place, you won’t need to worry about how often you should come in and which treatment to choose each time you visit us (Trust us, there’s a lot!). This is such a great way to get back into your routine and at the same time, treat yourself to some well deserved self care time.

One of our top treatments for post iso skin is the Oxygeneo 3-in-1 Super Facial. This treatment is definitely a staff and client favourite, and for good reason! 

Let's break it down. This 3-in-1 treatment begins with Radio Frequency Skin Tightening. Using the latest technology. RF Skin Tightening provides effective results by delivering heat to the tissue below the epidermis, stimulating new collagen production whilst contracting fibres to tighten the skin painlessly and comfortably. Our clients have described this part of the treatment as what feels like a hot stone massage!

The second component of the treatment is the Oxygenating Exfoliation. Using a unique effervescent capsugen, our Skin Expert's are able to deliver deep exfoliation and reveal bright, fresh, smooth skin. The capsugen begins smooth and gradually becomes more coarse as this part of the treatment goes on.

The third and final component of this awesome treatment is Ultrasound Product Infusion. Our Skin Expert's will use sonophoresis to encourage maximum absorption of a hydrating solution into the epidermis of the skin.

The results from this treatment really speak for themselves. Once you experience the Oxygeneo, you'll never look back! 

We highly recommend this treatment paired with LED Light Therapy as the ultimate post iso skin fix! For the month of June 2020, you can get An Oxygeneo 3-in-1 + Medibar LED for just $199 (usually $298)


Body Care

While it’s important to care for the skin on our face, it’s equally as important that skin on the rest of our body is kept hydrated and cared for. Your skin may feel a little sluggish right now and the best way to whip it back into shape is by dry brushing. Dry brushing once a day in the shower will stimulate the lymphatic system and support detoxification. It is also great for removing dead skin cells which will then help to unclog pores and absorb your oils and moisturisers deeper into the skin. Brush upwards towards the heart when you are dry brushing to aid with circulation. When done daily, dry brushing also has the added bonus to reduce cellulite, they say summer bodies are made in winter right? 

I can't wait to see you soon at the happy place for your face where we can chat about all things skin and getting those 2020 skin goals kicked! 


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