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Stress and the Skin

Throughout each and every stage of life, we are exposed to stressful situations that affect our mental health and can often make us feel run down or physically ill. But did you know that the skin is also significantly impacted by stress? It is safe to say that over the last few months our lives have looked a whole lot different to what they normally do. You may be working from home, having to keep a safe distance from loved ones and having to cancel your 2020 plans all together. With these unexpected changes, it is natural for stress levels to rise. These rising stress levels really cause havoc on our body in a number of different ways including an increase in the stress hormone called Cortisol. When our Cortisol levels are thrown out of whack, our skin, sleep, other hormones, weight and energy can all suffer. Let’s dive into some of my most frequently asked questions on this hot topic!


“In what ways does stress affect the skin?”

Our skin is a direct reflection of our life. It reflects the quality of our diet, lifestyle and wellbeing, so if you have changed your lifestyle, aren’t nourishing your body from within or aren’t feeling your best mentally, your skin is going to show it. You may notice increased sensitivity, redness, dryness and dehydration, fine lines and wrinkles, oil or breakouts during times of stress. These skin conditions are caused by the effect stress has on our cells. Stress affects how our cells produce, communicate and  go through their life cycle to reach the surface.


“Why do I breakout more when I’m stressed?”

When it comes to breakouts, you may notice more than usual popping up on your chin and jawline. This is likely caused by your estrogen and progesterone levels dropping and testosterone increasing. Testosterone increases your oil secretions and our jawline and chin have more phibasious glands, which equals more oil glands working in overdrive and creating the perfect environment for breakouts. You might be wondering, “What causes this hormonal fluctuation?” The answer is STRESS.


“Why do I feel so bloated and unwell when I’m stressed?”

Whenever I feel stressed, I notice that I am bloated a lot more frequently than usual. This is a common symptom of stress! You may have also noticed you are more bloated or that your digestive system isn’t working as well as it normally would. This is due to a shift from good to bad gut bacteria. This bacteria has a direct effect on the bacteria of the skin. If we don’t have good bacteria on our skin, issues can arise. So how do you fix this? We need to start at the barrier of your skin, which we refer to as your acid mantle. This is where we can start to balance the skin and get it back to functioning at its optimum. I want you to think of a house and that house has holes in its roof tiles. If there is a big storm and it is pouring with rain, that rain is going to leak straight onto your carpet and into the house. I bet you wouldn’t go and spend lots of money on purchasing new carpet, you would fix the roof tiles first right? This example relates directly back to your barrier - your acid mantle. We need to strengthen it so that it can function optimally and protect your skin.


“Is it possible to heal stressed skin in a time like this?”

Totally! Healthy, happy skin is absolutely still achievable right now, even through the stresses of a global pandemic! With some nourishment from within, skin treatments and a balanced acid mantle, you will be back to your glowing, clear and stress free skin in no time!


“Which products can I use to help my stressed skin?”

High quality, high performing products are an amazing way to heal and restore the skin. My top 5 product recommendations for stressed skin are:

Image Skincare Hydrating Sheet Mask

Image Skincare Vital C Hydrating Water Burst

Image Skincare Ormedic Balancing Facial Cleanser

asap Super B Complex

Bestow Beauty Plus Oil (Awesome for rebalancing your gut!)

With regular use of these products, your skin will be nourished, refreshed and looking fabulous!


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