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Receive a FREE Dermalux LED (Valued at $59 with any injectables appointment (excludes Consultations and Follow-Ups.)

Soften, reduce or even say goodbye to any unwanted wrinkles or fine lines!
By relaxing the muscles that contract and create lines, anti-wrinkle injections are a powerful and long-lasting way to bring back youthful skin.

Nurse Sue is an expert in the field and takes pride in her aesthetic art as she works with you to soften, enhance and refine areas of your choice. Different types of anti-wrinkle injections respond differently to your skin and Sue will work with you to determine the product that will provide you with the best results.

Anti-Wrinkle Packages


Anti-Wrinkle Package 1
(up to: 20 units Opt. 1 or 55 units Opt. 2)

$269 $259

Anti-Wrinkle Package 2
(up to: 40 units Opt. 1 or 100 units Opt. 2)

$449 $399

Anti-Wrinkle Package 3
(up to: 60 units Opt. 1 or 150 units Opt. 2)

$599 $559

Option 1
Option 2

If you only want a small amount or a top-up, our prices are below (with a minimum treatment fee of $99):

 Option 1 
<20 units
$13.90 $13

Option 2
<55 units

$4.90 $4.50

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