Dermalist Ultra Hydrating Lactic Cleanser 200ml


Dermalist's Ultra Hydrating Lactic Cleanser is uniquely formulated without any form of detergent, this oil-based cleanser uses emulsifiers to efficiently break down makeup, impurities and pollution to reveal skin that is perfectly pH balanced, beautifully soft and ultra-hydrated. This cleanser features a combination of AHA's work to breakdown dead skin cells and reduce pigmentation whilst Vitamin C, Vitamin E & Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) work to prevent premature ageing caused by environmental aggressors, resulting in a clearer, more youthful, hydrated & luminous skin without irritation or inflammation. 

Skin Type

Dry, sensitive, oily, ageing, redness, rosacea.

How To Use

Apply morning and evening to face and neck. Place a small amount of cleanser into your palms and emulsify with water, massage into the skin for 20-30 seconds. Rinse thoroughly.

Key Ingredients

  • STAY C®50 (Vitamin C) for Even Skin Tone and Age Reversal.
  • Lactic Acid (AHA) for exfoliation and deep moisturisation.
  • Mandelic Acid (AHA) for exfoliation and age reversal.
  • Citric Acid (AHA) for exfoliation and pigmentation.
  • Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) for visible radiance & pigmentation reduction.
  • Chamomile Extract for calming and soothing.

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