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Reduce pores, purify the skin and regulate oil with this infusion that will calm, oxygenate and relieve acne affected skin.

This infusion contains bioactive molecules which inhibit P.acnes growth that causes acne, creating an antimicrobial effect and better controlling the acne on the surface and underneath the skin. It is a comfortable treatment that will instantly reduce inflammation, redness and irritations associated with acne, leaving the skin feeling calm, hydrated and nourished.

The standout ingredients used in this treatment include Canadian Willow herb, Retinol, Tripeptide-1 and Vitamins B2, B5, B6 and C. These ingredients are delivered through electroporation, which allows our infusion to be absorbed directly into the skin and cells we are targeting.

We begin with a deep cleanse to awaken your senses and skin, followed by a hydrating peel to prepare the skin for all the goodness to follow. Our Skin Expert will mix your potent infusion and apply it to the skin whilst gliding our electroporation device over the surface area. Afterwards, enjoy a relaxing head or arm massage whilst a custom made mask drenched in your infusion soaks into your skin. We finish off with a cream blended specifically to your needs.

You can have this treatment on your face and neck. The treatment price is per area.

For Best Results
With skin conditions like acne, we find that by treating the skin from within and nourishing the gut microbiome, your ongoing results will improve significantly. The best internal products that we recommend are the Bestow Beauty Plus Oil for your daily dose of essential fatty acids, the Bestow Beauty Collagen Boost Powder to increase collagen production, zinc and vitamin c levels and lastly, the Bestow Beauty Gut Love Powder as a daily pre and probiotic that will help to restore the gut wall and heal from within.

For longer lasting and more impactful results, an initial course of 2-4 treatments with 2 weeks in between sessions is usually recommended, with followup treatments every 6 weeks to continue to reach those skin goals.

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