Aspect Hydrating Mask 118ml


The ULTIMATE mask for an intense boost of hydration. Featuring a powerful blend of hydrating ingredients and antioxidants including Vitamins A,B, C and E, Shea Butter and Sodium Hyaluronate, this mask will significantly improve hydration and to help combat the visible signs of ageing. With each use, your skin will feel soothed, nourished and hydrated as well as provided with antioxidant protection.


All skin types. Dry/dehydrated.

Provides intense hydration

Nourishes the skin

Antioxidant protection

Calming and soothing

Significantly improves moisture content

After cleansing, apply the Hydrating Mask evenly across the face. Leave on for 10-15 minutes and then remove with a damp cloth. For maximum hydration, leave mask on overnight. Can be used 1-2 time a week.

Vitamin A, B, C, E

Shea Butter

Sodium Hyaluronate

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