Bestow Beauty Powder 240gm

$46.71 $54.95

An easy and powerful way of nourishing the body with the nutritional building blocks your skin needs for healthy functioning. The Bestow Beauty Powder contains eight anti-aging super foods to produce good quality collagen and elastin for healthy skin.

Suitable for all skin types.

  • Promotes youthful, healthy skin with a vital glow
  • Helps build a strong, protective outer layer for the skin, reducing ageing and impact of environmental threats
  • Delivers more energy and a greater wellbeing

Take one tablespoon of Bestow Beauty Powder every day and mix into food, juice or water.

Certified organic cold pressed flaxseed, pumpkin and coconut flour, uncertified blackcurrant extract, certified organic spirulina and kelp, uncertified alflafa leaf and certified organic wheat leaf.

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