Dermalist Skinwand Facial Cleansing Brush


Remove impurities, makeup and pollution on the skin whilst stimulating micro circulation and increasing collagen production with Dermalist's Skinwand! This AMAZING product will leave the skin clearer, more youthful and perfectly primed for makeup and / or serums with each use.

Suitable for all skin types.

  • Deeply cleanses & exfoliates skin
  • Stimulates microcirculation & collagen
  • Made from ultra-hygienic silicone

To use, apply a bead free cleanser onto dampened skin, press the button on the handle for 1 second to activate the device, then keep pressing the button to choose your preferred intensity. Gently massage in a circular motion all over face and neck working on one area at a time.

The device will pause every 20 seconds reminding you to move on to another facial area and will automatically switch off after 2 minutes of use signalling the completion of the cleansing process. Rinse treated area thoroughly with water and continue with your skincare regime.

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