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Lift dark circles, bags and wrinkles with our Eye Revive Infusion!

Finally! A treatment dedicated to our eye contour! Revive and prevent many of the common concerns with this ultimate solution to bring back those bright eyes. This phenomenal experience will reinforce firmness, increase moisture and reduce with peptides and hyaluronic acid. Caffeine will activate the elimination of liquids and blood responsible for dark circle colour and also reduce any puffiness and local inflammation that may be present, whilst organic silica and Vitamin C will restore and firm the skin.

This synergy of ingredients is delivered through electroporation, which allows our infusion to be absorbed directly into the skin and cells we are targeting. It is a comfortable treatment with no downtime, just amazing results!

We begin with a deep cleanse to awaken your senses and skin, followed by a hydrating peel to prepare the skin for all the goodness to follow. Our Skin Expert will mix your potent infusion and apply it to the skin whilst gliding our electroporation device over the surface area. Afterwards, enjoy a relaxing head or arm massage whilst a hydrating sheet mask drenched in nourishing ingredients soaks into your skin. We finish off with a massage of the eye contour and seal with a cream.

We highly recommend combining this treatment with Skin Needling for advanced benefits including increased collagen production and product absorption. If you choose needling, this will happen at the same time as the electroporation really making this a powerful duo!

This treatment is also amazing to add on to a facial or other skin infusion to lift multiple areas at once.

Please note
Skin Needling may require you to start a skincare regime at home with high-performing products selected especially for you by your skin expert, to ensure your skin is fully prepared to achieve the best treatment outcomes possible and to reduce the risk of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

For Best Results
To maintain the outstanding results, you may need to purchase our Post Treatment Recovery Kit if you don’t yet own your recommended products to support your skin at home following a peel. Our Skin Expert will let you know if this is needed for your treatment. These are travel size products that will ensure your complexion remains nourished and radiant.

For longer lasting and more impactful results, an initial course of 3-4 treatments with 3 weeks in between sessions is usually recommended, with followup treatments every 6 weeks to continue to reach those skin goals.

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