Glitz & Glow Super Facial


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The Glitz & Glow is a beautiful facial treatment for all skin types. We have created this treatment based on our favourite elements of some of our most popular treatments.
The facial begins with a deep cleanse, followed by a brightening exfoliating powder mixed into a high-performing solution that will exfoliate & nourish the skin. One of our skin experts will then apply a hydrogel sheet mask (either anti-ageing or hydrating based on your skin’s needs) and use a crystal roller to thoroughly work the mask deep into the skin, enabling you to absorb maximum goodness! The rolling process also helps to drain the lymphatic system in the face and neck which will aid in flushing out any toxins or fluid that may be stagnant under the skin. To finish, a serum will be massaged into the skin before a moisturising SPF is applied.
We highly recommend adding LED Light Therapy to this treatment for maximum glow!

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