Image MD DR Restoring Brightening Creme With Adt Technology 50ml


This hydroquinone-free advanced brightening crème activates a radiant and more even complexion. Helps to reduce the appearance of age and dark spots, and leaves the skin luminous after just a few applications. High-performance ingredients are absorbed into the skin through the exclusive IMAGE Skincare Advanced Delivery Technology.


Apply to cleansed skin in the evening. Apply a broad-spectrum UVA/UVB moisturizer if used during the day. 


All skin types, including aging and environmentally damaged skin.

Key Ingredients

MS-Concentrate- Advanced delivery system that mimics the natural skin matrix and allows actives to be optimally absorbed into the skin.

DermaPep- Effective brightening agent helps to maintain even skin tone.

Revinage- Reduces age spots, improves radiance and skin texture.

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