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80 minutes of pure luxury awaits with our Mediskin Indulgence!
This treatment will enrich your mind, body and soul as we hydrate, decongest, sculpt and brighten with nourishing ingredients that will melt onto the skin as we massage them into your face, neck and décolletage.

Float away as we deeply cleanse your skin down to your chest, creating the perfect canvas to infuse all the right ingredients to the cells that need them. Our cooling gel polisher is then applied all over to invigorate and balance the skin as we further enhance this step by layering our enzyme mask over the top. As we gently massage this combination together, any dead skin and build up will be dissolved and buffed away, revealing radiant skin underneath.

This treatment also involves a decongesting mask that will clear out any impurities while you bathe in steam from your head to your décolletage and we destress your mind through a relaxing head massage. After the mask, a deeper massage is performed on your skin using the hydrating power duo of hyaluronic acid and vitamin c.

Your skin is now primed for our high-performing stem cell mask that will rejuvenate, regenerates and revitalise dull, ageing skin with a crystal roller. Together, the roller and mask will detoxify, increase healthy circulation, boost collagen production, reduce any puffiness, promote lymphatic drainage and tighten the pores.

Often, we find with clients that the neck and dec are areas that can be neglected and in need of additional support. During this treatment, we thoroughly work in our stem cell neck lift, this targets skin laxity, sagging, wrinkles and creasing through a concentration of peptides and stem cells to uplift, define and support the neck and jawline. To further increase the WOW factor with results, we also apply a wrinkle smoother to any fine lines and a contour gel. Together, these products will soften any fine lines and counteract the appearance of sagging skin through anti-gravity peptides and lipo-filler.

As we start to bring your mind back into the room, we will apply an anti-ageing eye cream, serum and moisturiser all over, then plump your lips with our hydrating lip enhancement complex. This advanced treatment is truly a one-of-a-kind experience that will leave you feeling lighter, looking brighter and tighter!

Add-on a Dermalux LED to supercharge your results!

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