My Tribe Type New Beautiful - Skin + Strength 200g

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Skinfood adaptogens such as goji, amla, and schisandra, as well as gotu kola, lucuma, cinnamon, and orange peel with easy to digest amino acids, support strength, collagen, and the inner glow of the skin with active bioavailable nourishment.

Every day, add a dessert spoon to your smoothies or mix into yoghurt with fresh fruit or berries.

Suitable for all skin types.

  • Goji: vitamin A and C Skin and eye health, immunity
  • Amla Berry: Vitamin C, body and skin resilience
  • Schisandra: longevity, skin health, liver, calming
  • These Functional Foods may:
  • Rice + Pea Protein: Sprouted for easy digestion
  • Hemp Protein: Omega 3s
  • Gotu Kola: Nootropic, collagen support
  • Lucuma: Fibre, gut health
  • Cinnamon: Sugar balancing
  • Orange Peel: Vitamin C, polyphenols

Add 10g to a smoothie with fruit, sweetener and milk of choice.

Sprouted rice protein, sprouted pea protein, hemp seed protein, goji, amla,, schisandra, gotu kola, lucuma, cinnamon, orange peel.

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