My Tribe Type The Calmer - Ashwagandha 85g


Feel Calmer with adaptable Ashwagandha, the queen of herbs, for holistic benefits and better ageing.

Adaptogens are natural substances that are thought to help the body adapt to stress (in traditional herbal medicine). If you are unfamiliar with adaptogens, they are a type of plant that has the unique ability to modulate the stress response. They include herbs, berries, and mushrooms. They accomplish this by working along the HPA axis, which regulates the body's stress hormone, cortisol.

Suitable for all skin types.

  • The Queen of Adaptogens
  • Lowers cortisol
  • Stress defence
  • Skin food
  • Evokes calm and balance
  • Happy hormones

Add one a small level teaspoon (3 grams) to a smoothie, cacao with benefits or raw treats.

Certified organic ashwagandha 85g per jar, 28 serves.

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