Pure Fiji Anti Aging Booster (Dilo Oil) 15ml


Supercharge your skincare regime with the pure natural power of cold pressed Dilo oil.

A rich bounty of nutrients and unique essential fatty acids to help regenerate skin cells and smooth fine lines. Unlock the true potential of your skin with Dilo.


Pure Cold Pressed Dilo Oil

DILO OIL (pronounced dee low) Known as 'the tree of a thousand virtues', the Sacred Dilo tree makes its home on white coral sands in the pristine Islands of Fiji - drawing its sustenance directly from the nutrient rich warm waters of the Pacific ocean.


  • Calophyllic acids promote skin cell regeneration
  • Natural anti-histamine will help reduce inflammation.
  • Helps to smooth out fine lines
  • Dry oil will not leave skin greasy
  • Helps repair and minimise acne scars
  • Use in between IPL treatments to shorten recovery time
  • Use after an exfoliating peel to boost recovery and soothe skin
  • Use for dehydrated skin or mature skin
  • Excellent for dry skin

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