Shakti Acupressure Mat - Light Pressure


Experience the unique power of ancient deep tissue and muscle tension healing with the amazing Shakti Mat. The Shakti Mat is a truly unique experience that targets mind and body tension through acupressure. It is ongoing self-care without the ongoing price. The Shakti Mat is your one purchase, wellness tool, ready any hour of the day.

If you’re intimidated by the spikes, this is a beginner-friendly entry point to the Shakti experience. Gentle but effective and incredibly relaxing. With 2,000 more spikes than the Shakti Original, it has all the spikes, without the bite! Perfect for you if you're not quite ready to take the full Shakti leap of faith on the more popular Originals.

  • Wellness tool for overall health and healing.
  • Supports deep sleep, healthy circulation & muscle recovery.
  • Relief from pain or discomfort.
  • Relaxation and general vitality.

The most common way to Shakti is in bed before sleep. It’s easy to add to your bedtime ritual, whether that’s with a book or your favourite show. Just 20 minutes, lying down, under your blankets is all it takes to get started! It is designed for the back but it can be used on most of your body, including stomach, jaw and feet. 

Beginners are recommended to wear clothing between the skin and the Shakti Mat as it might feel uncomfortable at first. Over time, you will most likely get used to those thousands of points pressing into the skin and you will then be able to use the mat directly on bare skin, which is most beneficial.

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