Microneedling Super Facial


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Stimulate collagen production, improve texture, reduce pigmentation, increase healing and rejuvenate the skin with our skin needling treatment incorporating some of the most transformational ingredients from Image Skincare.

We begin with a deep cleanse to awaken your senses and skin, followed by a degreasing solution to prepare the skin for all the benefits to follow. Our Skin Expert will apply our hyaluronic acid onto your skin to infuse, whilst our TGA approved micro-needling device glides over your skin stimulating the body's natural healing response and rejuvenating from within. Following the needling, our Balancing Lift is then applied which will rebalance, regenerate and restore the skin. Using a boost of stem cells, this will also increase cellular turnover and improve the overall quality of the skin. We then drench your skin in a hydrating sheet mask for your skin to soak up whilst you enjoy a head or arm massage that will take you to a place of deep relaxation.

You can have this treatment on your face, neck, décolletage or areas of your body. The price is per area, we do have packages with multiple areas as a package also available.

Please note
Skin Needling will require you to start a skincare regime at home with high-performing products selected especially for you by your skin expert, to ensure your skin is fully prepared to achieve the best treatment outcomes possible and to reduce the risk of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

For Best Results
To maintain the outstanding results, you may need to purchase our Post Treatment Recovery Kit if you don’t yet own your recommended products to support your skin at home following a peel. Our Skin Expert will let you know if this is needed for your treatment. These are travel size products that will ensure your complexion remains nourished and radiant.

For longer lasting and more impactful results, we recommend a course of treatments depending on what you are trying to target. Our Skin Expert will advise you of the best frequency based on your skin needs and goals.

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