Tan Bomb Exfoliating Tanning Mitt Lilac


Transform your skin with the ultimate Tan Bomb Lilac Exfoliating Mitt!

Eliminate harsh scrubbing and easily buff away stubborn self-tan, dead skin and built up impurities with this uniquely woven mitt. You can achieve buttery smooth, tan and streak free skin with this mitt. Designed to work with the Tan Bomb Tan Eraser, and any self-tanning application, this is a must have for your tan this summer.

  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Contains almond oil; if you have nut allergies, please seek advice from your health professional prior to use


  • Eco Friendly, Plant Based
  • Works with the Tan Bomb Tan Eraser
  • Removes dry, dead, rough skin and prepares skin for even tan application
  • Helps clear congested pores, reduces acne and ingrown hairs

Use with the Tan Bomb Tan Eraser

  • Place the Tan Bomb in a warm bath
  • Soak for at least 10-20 minutes
  • Remove excess tan with your Tan Bomb Tanning Mitt


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