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This is an advanced treatment for people who are serious about getting the best out of their skin! It is amazing if you want to rejuvenate your skin from within and on the surface. The Mediskin Facelift increases volume, improves texture and scarring, whilst also being able to tighten and contour the face.

We begin by awakening the senses through RF Skin Tightening to stimulate the layers of the skin, as we then move into activating the foundation facial muscles. Thanks to our Dynamic Muscle Activation technology, these muscles pulse as they contract and strengthen, providing stronger support for your facial structure.

To really take your skin to the next level, we combine both the Resurface and Volume treatments to work on multiple layers of the skin. This multi-layer combination will prompt the body to naturally produce and regenerate collagen and elastin. The benefits don't stop there, it will also increase hydration and support through hyaluronic acid production and encourage fresh, healthy skin that is radiant, plump and youthful.

For best results

A course of 2-3 treatments is usually recommended. As you progress with your treatments, your skin will continue to go from strength to strength.


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