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Ice, Ice, Baby! Our thoughts on using an ice globe roller...

ANOTHER beauty tool has hit the market and whilst we didn't really think it was necessary, our team have used the Dermalogica Ice Globe Face Roller and we love it! Pop it in the freezer (or the fridge if it's too much for you) and treat yourself to a facial massage that will liven up the senses! I personally have noticed it to be super beneficial for reducing puffiness, inflammation, and redness in the skin. Some of the benefits our team have shared since using an ice globe face roller include:

  1. Reduced puffiness: The cold temperature of the ice globe helps to constrict blood vessels and reduce swelling in the skin.

  2. Improved circulation: The rolling motion of the ice globe helps to stimulate blood flow to the skin, which can improve the appearance of dull, tired-looking skin.

  3. Reduced redness: The cooling effect of the ice globe can help to soothe irritated skin and reduce redness.

  4. Improved absorption of skincare products: Using an ice globe can help to enhance the absorption of skincare products by opening up the pores and allowing the products to penetrate more deeply into the skin.

  5. Relaxation: The act of massaging the skin with an ice globe can be a relaxing and soothing experience, reducing stress and tension in the face and neck muscles.

Overall, using an ice globe face roller can be a refreshing addition to your skincare routine, providing a range of benefits for your skin and helping you to look and feel your best. 

Pro tip: Pop a sheet mask on & roll it in with the ice globe roller. Your skin will soak up the moisture and love you for the power combo!


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