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Sharni's Hormone-Loving Choc Smoothie

This smoothie is the perfect addition to your morning routine or great as a post-gym energy boost. Cinnamon, Hemp and Maca are all known for their ability to help balance hormones.

A quick dive into the key ingredients: 

  • Kissed Earth Replenish Choc Protein Powder is a perfect blend of nutrient-rich vegan proteins, amino acids, organic fibre & mineral salts. Replenish will help to replenish, repair & support your body from within.
    Kissed Earth Replenish Choc Protein
  • Cinnamon has anti-inflammatory properties and is great at lowering blood sugar. By adding cinnamon into this choc creation your body slows down the absorption of sugars from the banana and dates.
  • Hemp seeds are incredibly high in EFA’s and protein, they are a great everyday staple as the protein and fat combination keeps you full for hours.
  • Maca powder increases energy, helps fight burnout and reduces PMS symptoms by balancing oestrogen in the body. This aids in reducing fluid retention, anxiety, mood swings and boosts fertility!

Let's make this smoothie! You'll need:


  • 1/2 frozen banana
  • Handful of ice
  • 1 Scoop Kissed Earth Choc Protein Powder
  • 1 Tbsp Hemp seeds
  • 1 tsp Maca powder
  • 1 date
  • Dash of cinnamon
  • Almond milk (or preferred milk of choice)


Add all ingredients into a blender and blend until smooth.
Top with raw cacao nibs for an extra “choc-chip” burst.

We would love to see your smoothie creations!
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