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Skin Flooding - is it worth the hype?

Trends come and go but this trend is welcome to STAY. 

Skin flooding is what they call it, and while the name sounds fancy, the concept is quite simple and extremely effective.

What is skin flooding?

It's simple, but oh so effective. It involves "flooding" the skin with hydration, which includes layering the skin with hydrating and moisturising products. The concept is long-lasting hydration, and it only takes four steps in your skin care routine.

1. Cleansing your skin with a gentle cleanser.
My favourite is the Dermalist Ultra Hydrating Lactic Cleanser - Shop here.

Dermalist Cleanser

2. Spritzing your skin with a hydrating mist (not toner) 
My favourite is the Vanessa Megan Group 11 Active Mist - Shop here.
Group 11 Active Mist

3. Applying a hydrator serum (hyaluronic is a good one) 
My favourite is the Vanesa Megan Collagen Boosting Gel - Shop here.
Collagen Boosting Gel

4. Applying a hydrating occlusive moisturiser to seal in the hydration 
My favourite is the Moogoo Hydrating Renewal Cream - Shop here.
Hydrating renewal cream

When we think of hydrating the skin we automatically think of Hyaluronic acid and rightly so. HA attracts and holds water and therefore is the perfect ingredient to retain moisture in the skin. This being said, it’s not the only hydrating ingredient, and in fact there are multiple ingredients like niacinimide that help compliment and add extra benefits like adding additional soothing and anti-inflammatory benefits.

By carefully layering products, starting with thinner, water-based products first, followed by thicker products with higher oil content, you'll allow your products to deliver hydration effectively. 

How do I skin flood?

Skin flooding is quite easy and who doesn’t want an easy skin care routine? 

1. Start with a gentle cleanser, what do i mean by gentle? I mean non-stripping. I found cream based cleansers are best or ones that don’t foam, crazy I know but your skin will praise you for it. Dry skins, you’ll love this anyway. By doing this step properly you’ll be starting off your skin well balanced ready for the rest of your routine. 

2. Add a mist, spritz your skin, this will give the skin added hydrating water based molecules to further drench your skin with hydration. Its also quite calming. 

*Before I continue with the routine, I'd like to give you a quick tip. Don't let your skin completely dry before moving on to the next step. Allow your skin to become damp. Moisturisers absorb water more effectively when they have a water source to draw from, so damp skin retains moisture better. If we leave it to dry, the water molecules evaporate into thin air rather than being absorbed by the skin. Pointless.

3. Apply your hydrator/serum (straight away, don’t wait)

4. To seal your products, apply a barrier-protecting moisturiser or cream as the final step in your skin-flooding routine. Always apply sunscreen on top.

Benefits of skin flooding

I’ll try keep it short because the benefits are endless, well on a cellular level anyway. 

But the key benefits are: 

1. The obvious benefit is that it is extremely hydrating. Hydrated skin is healthy skin. 

2. Enables your skin to function more effectively. The skin is an extremely intelligent organ that, believe it or not, can perform wonders if properly nourished and hydrated.

3. Optimal Barrier function; protects and maintains water retention, allowing the skin to do its job.

4. Skin appears to be better; it is glowing, vibrant, and even.

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