Bestow Beauty Oil 500ml

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Essential Fatty Acids deficiency is one of the most common factors causing oily or dry skin and will contribute to premature ageing. Bestow Beauty Oil is formulated to balance these healthy fats for clear, glowing skin.

Suitable for all skin types.

  • Moisturises skin on a cellular level creating plump, supple, smooth, glowing skin
  • Stabilises oily skin preventing skin congestion and spotty break-outs
  • Dissolves existing blockages caused by sebum
  • Provides a healing, anti-inflammatory, protective outer layer for the skin, keeping it youthful



  • Take one tablespoon of Bestow Beauty Oil every day, mixed into food.
  • Should be kept in the fridge and consumed within six weeks. If you can’t get through it in this time, freeze a portion of it in order to extend its shelf life.

Cold Pressed, unrefined, extra virgin, certified organic seed oils; flax (61%). Safflower oil.

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