Image Vital C Hydrating Hand & Body Lotion 170g


Revitalise and hydrate your skin with this ultra-rich, ultra-hydrating, moisturising lotion. Featuring a blend of Vitamin C, stem cells, organic, nutrient-rich oils and extracts, shea butter and antioxidants, this lotion is the ultimate tool for the ultimate total body hydration. 

The skin on our bodies is just as important as the skin on our faces! Treat yourself to this amazing lotion for smooth, youthful and hydrated skin, from head to toe!

Skin Types

All skin types including dry/dehydrated, sensitive and redness prone.


Apply a generous amount to skin daily. Mix a few drops of the Vital C facial oil with the Vital C Hydrating Hand and Body Lotion for a luxurious hand or body massage treatment.

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