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Five skincare “rules” that we all need to consider breaking..

Don’t get me wrong, some “rules” are worth following…like wearing your spf every single day, and avoiding combining BHA with retinol and vitamin C and AHA all at the same time (recipe for disaster).  Some “rules” however, are outdated, ineffective and way too DIY that it shouldn’t go anywhere near your face. Here is a list of six infamous skincare rules that we as qualified dermal clinicians believe are ok to be broken. 

  • It’s critical you wash your face everyday/twice a day.

  • True or false? False, but it all depends. 

    Whilst we don’t recommended throwing good hygiene out the window, we are suggesting that you might not always need to reach for the cleanser. If you ditched the makeup for a day and stayed inside to avoid the overly polluted air. You are more than likely safe to put the cleanser down and opt for a gentle splash of cool water as your “cleanse” for the day. 

    Cheeky tip: Washing less might actually be doing you more favours! Over cleansing and especially over cleansing with harsh cleansers, can actually strip your skins natural protective barrier, leaving it vulnerable to harmful bacteria getting in, aka pimple and dull complexion overload (no thank you!). 

    2) It is crucial to exfoliate everyday 

    True or False? F A L S E ! 

    Dead skin cells sound scary, but they might not actually be entirely the enemy here. The skin we don’t scrub away actually serves a purpose, it acts as a shield for your complexion and keeps environmental pollutants and bacteria away. Instead of scrubbing all day every day, consider incorporating a scrub or chemical exfoliant into your routine 1-2 times per week. 

    Cheeky tip: If your skin feels red, raw, stings and feels “tight” after you cleanse and exfoliate. The product you’re using is much too harsh for your skin. 

    3) Retinol is only for winkles..

    True or False? A big fat false. 

    This ingredient is for anyone who needs help with acne, wrinkles, pore size, skin tone and preventative skincare. Retinol is a tested, tried and true skincare ingredient with a ton of scientific evidence to back its effectiveness. Rather than reaching for another fad ingredient or product, stick to the big guns..aka RETINOL. 

    Cheeky tip: If you’re a retinol beginner, slowly introduce this ingredient into your routine. Start with once per week and slowly work your way up to every second to third day depending on skin tolerance. 

    4) Oily/Acne prone skin should never use oils! 

    True or false? Mostly false..a tiny bit true. 

    When a product claims to be “oil-free”, it is actually not even a regulated term. A product can essentially throw that onto their label and there is actually no guarantee that the product will not cause acne. This is where ingredients and types of oil are important. Yet another reason why you should ignore that product label and change your gaze to the ingredients list..even the oiliest of skin types needs moisture. Skipping oil can lead to skin that is chronically dry, resulting in MORE oil produced by your skin which then leads to an oilier face and more acne… no thank you. Your skin actually NEEDS oil, as long as its the right type. 

    Cheeky tip: If you do have oily, acne prone skin. Choose these oils to hydrate and nourish your skin. Rosemary, tea tree, oregano, jojoba, hemp oil and apricot oil. 

    5) If a product claims to be “natural” that means it's gentle…right?

    True or False? This one is all dependant on the ingredients.. 

    Natural products are great, and can be super beneficial for sensitive skin types. Its important to remember that “natural” can also do some damage. An example of this is tea tree oil, this can be a great product for acne, when used sparingly. Too much and your skin will be irritated, red and inflamed. 

    Cheeky tip: Whether a product is labeled natural or not, read the instructions carefully and always do a little patch test if new products tend to irritate your skin. 

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