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Nat's favourite mask combos

What we put on our skin is so vital & we want to feed it with good nutrients & keep it functioning optimally. Having a self care pamper session at home is so much fun & incorporating the right masks into your routine can really help you in working towards your skin goals.
While doing one mask along is already an awesome way to boost your skin, combining the power of two masks in the ultimate way to supercharge your results. Doing a mask combo once or twice a week is a great way to take some time for you & believe us when we say your skin will love you for it.
Here are Nat's top 5 mask combos which we know you will love as much as she does!

Image Ageless Resurfacing Masque +Image Vital C Enzyme Masque

To begin this mask combo, apply your Ageless Resurfacing Masque to cleansed skin. This mask contains alpha hydroxy acids (AHA's), antioxidants & papaya enzymes that will resurface & rejuvenate your skin, leaving it feeling fresh & smooth. Layer on top the Vital C Enzyme Masque. This masque is super hydrating + moisturising & it harnesses the power of enzymes to gently exfoliate the buildup of dead & dull skin cells. Leave this combo on for 10 minutes, which you can build up to 30 minutes the more you use them together. Then wash off with warm water to reveal glowing, smooth & hydrated skin!
This combo is great for clients that are focusing on anti aging, congestion, dullness, oiliness, pigmentation & uneven skin tone.

Cosmedix Glow Mask +Cosmedix Restore Mask



Starting with the Cosmedix Glow mask, apply to cleansed skin, dispersing the product in circular motions & leave on for 10-15 minutes. This is the ultimate brightening mask that will remove dull skin cells with bamboo stem extracts & will help provide optimal absorption of ingredients such as Niacinamide (B3) & Tetrahexyldecyl which is a derivative of Vitamin C.
Once you have washed your Glow Mask off with warm water is time to apply your Cosmedix Restore mask. This mask is going to prevent moisture leaving your skin whilst at the same time increasing your hydration & really nourishing + plumping. This mask smells like a tropical holiday & contains ingredients such as mango seed butter, sodium hyaluronate & papaya fruit extracts. You can leave this mask on for 10 minutes or even sleep in it for that extra skin repair while you get your beauty sleep.
These 2 masks used together will leave your skin feeling luminous, smooth, hydrated & looking like you have been on an exotic holiday, glowing skin here you come!
This combo is great for clients that are focusing on dull skin, fine lines & wrinkles, pigmentation, dehydrated skin & rough textured skin.

Image Ormedic Gel Masque +Image Purifying Probiotic Mask

This combo is best applied with the 2 masques mixed together first & then applied with a mask brush. Let's get into the benefits. Starting with your Image Purifying Probiotic Mask, this one is going to feed your skin with pro + prebiotics to restore your skin's pH levels & strengthen your skin's barrier, which is the immune system of your skin & a vital component in having healthy functioning skin. This mask also contains green clay to detoxify the skin & super fruits to promote your skins health. Next up is Image's Ormedic Gel Masque. This mask is highly balancing, hydrating & calming for the skin. It contains ingredients such as mondo grass, prickly pear cactus extract & antioxidants. Once this mask combo is applied to the skin let it set for 10-15 minutes & then wash off with warm water.  Your skin will feel very fresh & clean after this mask & more hydrated & calm.
This combo is perfect for those who have unbalanced, acne prone or teen skin.

Cosmedix Pure Enzymes Mask + Aspect Hydrating Mask



Start with using your Cosmedix Pure Enzyme Mask. Apply a small amount to cleansed skin & leave on for 3-10 minutes (building this up over time is a great way to get your skin used to this mask). The combination of enzymes & acids make it a stimulating & exfoliating mask that is going to tingle a little at first (hence why you need to build up to 10 minutes). It is going to unclog pores, polish away dull surface cells, help protect your skin from environmental stresses that impair the skin's radiance & improve your skin's ability to retain moisture. Once you have rinsed this mask off with cool water, it is time to apply your Aspect Hydrating Mask. This luxurious mask is going to deeply hydrate & nourish your skin. It contains ingredients such as shea butter, Vitamins A, B, C & E & hyaluronic acid to smooth the skin & provide a burst of hydration. You can leave this mask on for 10-15 minutes or sleep in this mask for repair whilst you sleep.
This combo is great for clients that are focusing on fine lines & wrinkles,dehydration & just TLC for your skin. Also a great mask combo for pregnancy!

Aspect Dr Lanazyme Micro Peel + Societe Rejuvenating Peptide Gel Mask


First apply a pearl sized amount of the Aspect Dr Lanazyme micro peel to cleansed skin. Massage this peel into the skin until the gel liquifes & you can feel it is balling up,you can then rinse with warm water. This advanced enzyme gel formulation helps to exfoliate lifeless skin cells & reveal a more smooth & radiant complexion. Ingredients include fruit enzymes,pumpkin ferment extract, coffee extract & lanablue which actually helps to achieve the results of vitamin A (spreading up cell turnover + collagen production) but minimizes the risk of irritation. Then comes time to apply the amazing Societe rejuvenating peptide gel mask. This sheet mask is extremely hydrating & is packed with ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, anti aging peptides & skin plumping hydrolysed collagen. Leave this mask on for 15-20 minutes or until all the serum has absorbed into your skin.
This combo is great for clients that are focusing on smoothing the skin's texture,dehydration,prepping your skin for an event & anti aging.


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