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The Importance of Skin Consultations

Here at Face MEDISKIN, we are so passionate about delivering a premium, custom experience to each and every one of our clients, whether that is online or in our Bella Vista clinic. For us, one of the most important tools for creating this unique custom experience is a Skin Consultation!

Before we perform any treatments on your skin, we always strongly suggest that you book in for a consultation first. By doing so, you are ensuring that you will get maximum results with us. 


In our in-clinic consultations, we begin by taking a series of 6 photos with our Observ Skin Analysis device. Here, we are able to see deep down into your skin, beyond what the naked eye can see. The Observ allows our Skin Expert's to see any congestion, your oil flow, any underlying pigmentation, texture and a number of other things we generally aren't be able to see. Our Skin Expert's use these photos, along with your responses to our Skin Health and Wellbeing Questionnaire and to construct a personalised treatment program JUST FOR YOU!

With this program, you can clearly see the steps we recommend that you take going forward to reach your skin goals!

In each consultation, we also recommend a full skincare routine from cleansing to masking, personalised to you and your skin needs and goals. We focus on treating the skin with targeted active ingredients and cosmeceutical products. We are definitely not product pushers here at Face MEDISKIN, we believe that it's totally up to you how you want to treat your skin with product. Our Skin Experts will often recommend that you begin by slotting our products into your routine as you run out of old products, and eventually make a full transition to cosmeceutical goodness. Alternatively, if you're looking to completely switch up your routine, we are absolutely here for that too and can help you find the best products for you.

Our In-Clinic Consultations are complimentary.  Book here!

Observ Skin Analysis


If you aren't able to visit us for an in-clinic consultation, our Virtual Skin Consultations will be your best skin friend. Before your consultation, we will ask that you fill out a Pre Consult Questionnaire and send through some photos of your skin. Using this information, our Skin Expert's can get to know you without needing to see you in person. From here, we can have a virtual chat about your skin goals and curate a product prescription that will transform your skin.

Our Virtual Consultations are currently FREE. Book now by clicking here!

Virtual Consultation


Simply call 1300 784 661 or email

One of our Professional Skin Experts will happily assist you
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